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ULAB Touch Function Vortex Mixer (Fixed Speed), USA Plug, 100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz, UMP1007

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1) For small amount of sample mix, such as test tubes, centrifuge tubes.
2) Touch operation, enables quick mixing of samples.
3) Fixed speed: 3000rpm.
4) Lightweight and small size for easy carrying and moving.
5) Durable DC brushless motor, stable performance.
Price: $ 60.69 / SET
  • UMP1007

  • ULAB

Below is the Specifications of this Vortex Mixer (Mixed Speed) :

Power supply [VAC]  :100-240

Frequency [Hz]: 50/60

Power [W] : 12

Mixing motion : Orbital

Revolving diameter [mm] : 4.8

Motor rating output[W] : 10

Rotational speed [rpm] : 3000

Operating mode: Inching

External dimension [mm] : 133×133×80

Dimension of packing box [mm]: 250×185×130

Weight [kg] : 0.6

Allowable environment temperature [°C: 5-40

Permissible Ambient Temperature : ≤80%RH

Protection class: IP21


This vortex mixer is a compact and powerful laboratory mixing equipment, which is perfect for mixing test tubes, vials, bottles, or in some cases micro-plates. It is widely used in variety of applications such as biotechnology, biochemical analysis, pharmaceuticals, food industry, water treatment, etc.


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