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ULAB Round Carboy, Cap. 5L with Spigot and Screw Closure, PP Material, UCA1005

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1pc of Cap.5L(170oz) , made of PP material.
Molded graduations, with spigot and screw closure.
Strong, scratch-resistant material with excellent chemical resistance.
Ideal for most buffers and reagents as well as powders and solids.
Compatible with interchangeable leak-proof Venting Cap adapters.
Price: $ 39.99 / SET
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ULAB Round Carboys, Cap.5L ( 170oz ) with spigot and screw closure is made of PP material, Closure size is 83mm, Ideal for storing and dispensing distilled water and other reagent in laboratory.

ULAB Carboys has excellent chemical resistance, molded graduations for ease in dispensing. When autoclave, please use ventilation closure and unscrew spigot. It is useful in the garage, camping, home brewing, or for just those moments when liquid must be stored. 
The handle makes this particular container easy to manage and much more convenient than your average bucket. 

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