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ULAB Lab Jack, Aluminium Lift Table, Jack Platform 3.15"x3" Max. Height up to 5.5", Heavy Duty, ULJ1003

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* Platform Size: 3.15"x3" (80x76mm), can be enlarged if you have additional plate.
* Can be adjusted to the desired height, Min 1.85"(47mm) Max 5.5" (140mm).
* The material has the advantage of good corrosion resistance and resistance to many chemicals.
* High stability, Reusable, high load carrying capacity and resilience.
* Suitable for physical, chemical, biological experiments and other daily use.
Price: $ 49.99 / SET
  • ULJ1003

  • ULAB

  • ULJ1003

ULAB Scientific Lab Jack, Aluminium Lift Table, Lab Support Jack, Lab Lifter
Including 1pc of Lab Jack

Table Platform Size: 3.15"x3" (80x76mm)
Vertical Lifting Limits: Min 1.85"(47mm) Max 5.5" (140mm)
Static Maximum Load: 30kg (Static load is always at the middle position)
Material:Aluminum coated, plastic drive screw

1. The lab jack is made of anodized aluminum and has good corrosion resistance.
2. Convenient and fine height adjustment, turn clockwise to rise and anticlockwise to descend.
3. High stability, load carrying capacity and resilience.
4. Should be kept clean and stored dry and non-corrosive after use. 

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If you have any questions or suggestions on our products or service, please do feel free to contact us.
You'll get our reply within 24 hours. Thanks for your patience.


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